Tune in to Sip N Style every Monday on IG TV!
Tune in to Sip N Style every Monday on IG TV!
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McKenzie Caldwell-Pope was born in Dallas, Texas, but currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, California. There she lives with her three children (Kenzo, KJ, and Kendrix) and husband Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. McKenzie is known for her unique style, beauty, and being a MOM-BOSS!
With a Bachelor’s Degree from Louisiana Tech University in Business Marketing, McKenzie has used her college education to creatively infiltrate the fashion and beauty industry. While managing her own brand, being a wife and mother of three, her plate is always full; but McKenzie embodies her roles fabulously and effortlessly while still daring to take on more!
With an incredible social media influence, she uses her platform to be an inspiration to many women experiencing motherhood. The lessons she teaches express that motherhood can be fabulous and stylish just as any other walk of life. Her well-rounded personality is the key to her success as a newly introduced icon in fashion and beauty.
Recently, McKenzie has been taking over the industry with her new IG TV show “Sip N Style”. Every Monday, McKenzie interviews a guest to discuss all things fashion. And even gives viewers an inside look to her closet while the guests share some of their fashion favorites from their own collection. 
McKenzie's career as a beauty and fashion influencer continues to flourish, as well as her style versatility, social impact, and opportunities in this industry.